Body Mask Fairfax VA

To promote the utmost health and well-being, you must take excellent care of your body. Your body carries you every day and undergoes a lot of stress and activity. Over time, your body ages, and your skin will start to show it. You may also feel sluggish or experience body aches. A professional spa body treatment can help reverse the effects of aging and leave you feeling refreshed.

Springwater Spa provides professional body treatments in Fairfax, VA. Master Esthetician Ursula customizes her treatments for each client to ensure they receive the healthy results they desire. Your body treatment will depend on your skin condition and wellness goals. To clear up acne and reverse aging, you may want a hydradermie treatment, a body wrap, or chemical peel. To simply feel relaxed and more energetic, you may need a full body massage or reiki treatment. You may need a consultation prior to your treatment to ensure Ursula can create the perfect custom body treatment for you. No matter what treatment you need to restore your skin’s beauty, you will find it at Springwater Spa.

Ursula only uses the highest quality and healthiest products in her body treatments. She is proud to use GUINOT Paris and Dr. Spiller products to ensure she gives her clients the best treatments possible. Industry leader GUINOT has unparalleled ingredient selection and manufacturing process, making them the ideal product line for Springwater Spa.

Why GUINOT Paris?

GUINOT PARIS, created in Paris, France, is the leading skincare product line across the world. The active ingredients in these products are from non-GMO plants, which helps keep both your skin and the environment clean. GUINOT as a company holds a philosophy of transparency and quality, which allows Springwater Spa to approve their manufacturing and ingredient-selection processes. GUINOT’s high standards for their products reflect our own desire to offer clean, healthy skincare solutions that will truly transform your skin’s appearance and wellness.

Springwater Spa believes in using only the highest-quality skincare products in our treatments to ensure that you receive the best results, and this is why we use GUINOT PARIS products in our treatments. We also offer take-home GUINOT products for you to incorporate into your skincare routine at home.


Revitalize Your Skin With Springwater Spa in Fairfax, VA

At Springwater Spa, we believe you deserve to be pampered while receiving top-of-the-line skin treatment. At our location in the heart of Fairfax, VA, we use European facial techniques, treatments, and products for a unique, thoroughly cleansing experience. European facials are extremely beneficial for your skin and promote long-lasting skin health by unclogging your pores, removing impurities, detoxifying your skin, reducing fine lines, and much more. We only use GUINOT PARIS and other leading skincare products from Germany in all of our treatments to give you the highest quality care possible.

Springwater Spa founder and VA licensed Master Esthetician Ursula Meurer-Weeks has over a decade of experience in wellness and skincare. She believes in giving each individual client their own customized treatment and making them feel like family during their visit. She is dedicated to helping others have beautiful, vibrant, and youthful skin using professional and effective treatments.

Slip into a world of comfort, indulgence, and relaxation at Springwater Spa. Call (703) 385-6800 to make an appointment today!