The spring season and warmer weather has finally made its arrival. As we are more likely to spend our time outdoors, being in the sun can help our bodies receive more vitamin D, but the negative effects of ultraviolet light (UV rays) can be quite severe. As the melanin in our skin provides us protection from the sun’s UV rays, excessive exposure can burn the skin, decrease its elasticity, quicken the aging process, and even lead to skin cancer. Luckily, there are easy methods available to help you combat too much sun exposure.

Protecting your skin should be a priority, and since most of us will be spending our time outside this spring, doing everything you can to keep your skin in great health will prevent sun damage. At Springwater Spa, our master esthetician, Ursula, is dedicated to providing custom spa treatments in Fairfax that allow for optimal relaxation while refreshing your skin. To keep your skin glowing during the warmer months, here are a few simple tips she has provided below for your consideration:

Lather On High-Quality Skin Products

Most of the time, hardly anyone ever applies the right amount of sunscreen or re-applies it every two hours. At Springwater Spa, we recommend using organic, mineral-based SPF creams. When selecting your products, keep in mind the ingredients being used. If you need further assistance choosing, especially for those with problematic or acneic skin conditions, Ursula will be happy to assist you by assessing your skin type first.

Wash SPF Creams Off Thoroughly

At the end of the day, it is key that you take the time to thoroughly wash off your SPF cream, but not enough to the point where you are stripping your skin of essential oils that are necessary for protecting your skin. To maintain your skin’s natural glow, Ursula always recommends that you embrace the daily usage of quality skin serums, which are specifically designed with ingredients such as vitamin C. Springwater Spa offers a Vitamin C PLUS Serum by Dr. Spiller and is a client favorite! The GUINOT De-whitening product line also has the ability to protect the skin from breaking down and even brightens freckles over time.

Accessorize Accordingly

If you plan on being outside all day, consider wearing clothing that utilizes UV-resistant fabric, UV-resistant sunglasses, and installing a shield on your car window. Also, don’t forget about covering your feet and hands by wearing shoes and long sleeves. You can even accessorize with a hat or an umbrella that provides sufficient shade to your skin. If you’ve ever wondered about why certain people outside on a sunny days have their umbrellas open, it’s because they are aware of how harmful overexposure to the sun is. Carrying an umbrella with you on your outside excursions will be exactly what you need to keep harmful UV rays from doing damage to your delicate skin.

Springwater Spa Offers Pasotti Umbrellas!

At Springwater Spa, Ursula is offering a new luxury umbrella line called Pasotti. These Italy-made umbrellas come in a variety of designs and are considerably the most unique, artistic, and one-of-a kind gifts you can give to someone you love. If you have friends or family tying the knot this spring, why not gift them with a wedding day umbrella to prevent the sun from burning their love out. Stay cool and stylish this spring with a Pasotti umbrella!

Protect Your Skin & Schedule A Custom Spa Treatment in Fairfax, VA

Revitalize your skin and health this season with a professional custom spa treatment provided by Springwater Spa. Ursula is passionate about helping her clients maintain the health of their skin with reliable products and spa treatments. She takes the time to create a soothing environment in her boutique spa so that her clients are able to attain ultimate relaxation. No matter what your specific needs are or what your skin type is, she will personalize your treatment and products to ensure you are receiving the highest level of comfort and rejuvenation possible.

Ask Ursula about her Pasotti umbrella line! Contact Ursula at (703) 385-6800 to schedule a consultation today.