With the summer sun already here in the Northern Virginia area, many of us are beginning to layer on SPF creams and try different products to use throughout the summer. While most people don’t apply sunscreen at least every two hours, the sun’s harmful rays ends up damaging their skin more easily. Finding shade or the necessary skin products, that work specifically for your skin type, may be a trial-and-error process but inquiring with an experienced professional will ensure you implement the proper summer skin routine to keep your skin healthy and invigorated.  

At Springwater Spa in Fairfax, VA, our master esthetician, Ursula, understands everyone has their own individual needs and will provide personalized skin treatments accordingly. Ursula has the years of experience you can trust to make sure your skin remains vibrant and healthy all summer long. With custom facial spa treatments that offer a refreshing experience at your convenience, you will receive relaxation at it’s finest in an environment that’s designed to induce a feeling of serenity.

Here are a few of the ways you can prevent the summer sun from damaging your skin:


Most people try to moisturize with SPF sunscreen before they enjoy the rest of their day outside, but what if they stay out longer than intended? Many individuals are unaware of how often they should apply sunscreen, which is at least every two hours, but the best skin protectant from harmful UV-rays is finding shade. Instead of using SPF chemicals, Ursula offers top-of-the-line products, such as Guinot Paris, for when you are looking to enjoy leisure time outdoors.

Sun Protective Accessories

More often than not, finding shade from the summer sun is made more convenient with protective accessories, such as sun hats, carrying a fan, wearing sunglasses, and even wearing long sleeve fabrics or long pants while hiking, especially since they reduce your chances of bug or tick bites.

Carry An Umbrella

Since applying SPF creams daily isn’t recommended, carrying an umbrella along with you on your summer activities is a great way to keep the sun from damaging your skin. If you currently don’t have an umbrella, come visit Springwater Spa, as Ursula now offers Pasotti, a luxury umbrella line, that will keep your skin sun damage-free and relishing in the summer in style.

Car SPF Window Shades

In Northern Virginia, many people drive throughout the day for work, to meet friends for brunch, or even to drive to the beach. To keep your skin away from UV-rays, especially in your vehicle, using window shades that are UV-resistant will help filter out any harmful sun rays from passing through and harming your delicate skin.

High Quality Skin Products

While the daily skin application of SPF chemicals isn’t as effective as finding shade away from the sun, Ursula recommends using some of her available products for short-periods of leisure time outside. If you or any of your family members require skin product usage, it is recommended that you use mineral-based solutions, especially for young ones since they are still growing.

Personalized Facial Spa Treatments at Springwater Spa in Fairfax, VA

Keeping your skin rejuvenated throughout the entire summer is a challenge, especially if you enjoy being in the summer sun. At Springwater Spa, our highly trained master esthetician, Ursula, can help you determine which of her quality skin products and custom facial spa treatments will work best for your mind and body. If you are looking for a way to unwind, catch up with a loved one, or establish an effective summer skin routine, get in touch with Ursula today to schedule a free consultation.

Interested in finding a Passoti umbrella that suits your style or are you looking to receive a custom facial? Contact Ursula at (703) 385-6800 to receive a free consultation.