Winter can be a harsh season. Not only does precipitation like snow mess with our travel plans and make it hard to clean off our cars in the morning before work, but the low-humidity air can also dry out our skin. Hands are often the most notable victim of winter, usually developing cracked, flaky, or even bleeding knuckles that can be incredibly painful.

The rest of your body is affected, too. The winter air pulls the moisture from your skin and can result in itchy, flaky elbows, ankles, legs, and arms. A lack of moisture may also make your skin appear dull and lifeless, taking away your youthful glow.

A chemical skin peel treatment can counteract these effects and reclaim your skin. At Springwater Spa, Master Esthetician Ursula offers peel treatments in Northern VA that can revitalize your skin. Here are a few ways peel treatments can benefit you:

Benefits of Peel Treatments

Peel treatments in Northern Virginia have several benefits, especially during the winter season:

·       Restore hydration: The biggest problem skin faces in winter is a lack of moisture and hydration, which skin needs in order to look and feel great. A peel treatment helps get rid of dead, cracked skin to restore an underlying layer of hydrated, beautiful skin.

·       Restore youthful appearance: Peel treatments help combat wrinkles, dark spots, and acne, which helps your skin glow and look younger. Winter can subtract from your skin’s beauty, but a peel treatment can help bring it back.

·       Assists your home skincare routine: Peel treatments remove the top layers of skin to reveal fresh skin underneath. This will allow the skincare products you use at home to begin working on this newer layer of skin and be more effective.


Why Trust a Professional?

An online search will show you countless DIY peel treatments that you can make and give yourself at home. While this may seem convenient and cost-effective, you most likely are not getting the most accurate information you need, or you may misinterpret instructions and make a mistake while creating your home remedy, which can have damaging effects. Here is why you should trust a professional:

·       Expert consultation & treatment: Chemical peels can be an intense treatment for some people, so you need an expert who can determine if you are a good candidate before even receiving treatment. You will also need to ensure a trained professional performs the peel and does it correctly to give you the healthy results you need.

·       Highest-quality products: Springwater Spa uses GUINOT Paris products for our peel treatments. GUINOT is an industry-leader for its usage of high-quality ingredients and manufacturing processes. Only with GUINOT can you receive the best results and truly radiant skin.

·       Personalized attention: No two people’s skin is alike or reacts to winter in exactly the same way. Springwater’s Master Esthetician will ensure that you receive the individual attention and care that your body deserves.


Combat Winter’s Harsh Effects at Springwater Spa!

Springwater Spa offers expert chemical skin peel treatments in Northern Virginia. Our VA-licensed Master Esthetician Ursula has years of experience, and will ensure you receive a treatment that will truly revitalize your skin. Ursula is dedicated to giving each client a customized, personal treatment that will address the areas of concern for their skin as well as deliver the best results for their skin type.

Don’t suffer another winter with dry, painful skin. Call Springwater Spa at (703) 385-6800 for a peel treatment in Northern Virginia!