Last month, the new year brought promises of rejuvenation and a fresh start, and countless people across the world celebrated the birth of 2018. New Year’s resolutions abounded, with many people turning their focus to the self and searching for ways to improve their mood, skin, and overall health, even during their hectic schedules. By now, much of this excitement and promise of a fresh start has faded, and people are struggling to uphold their resolutions and find balance in their daily life.

Whether you are one of the few still working toward their New Year’s resolution to improve self-care and wellness or fell off the wagon and are looking to pick it back up again, there are quite a few tips you can follow to bring everything into balance in 2018:

Say “No” More Often

One of the biggest problems for people who try to do it all is exactly that: they try to do it all. Although everyone would love to be a perfect wife or husband, mother or father, employee, and friend, trying to juggle too much does not create balance. If you are feeling a bit stretched thin, take a look and see what things you may be able to let go of. Say “no” more often to friends or coworkers who demand too much of you and ensure you have enough time to focus on yourself and enjoy life. Using the word “no” and freeing up your schedule can help bring your hectic life back into balance.

Make Time for Self-Care

This tip often goes hand-in-hand with saying “no” to others. No matter how hectic your schedule is, you must pencil in some daily time for self-reflection and self-care. Self-care can mean different things to different people, but here are a few common self-care practices that can help you earn more balance in life:

·       Go to bed earlier: You’ve heard it countless times before, but getting enough sleep is crucial for balance. If you feel worn down and stressed out every day, take a look at your sleep schedule. Make an effort to get to sleep earlier to ensure you start each day well-rested.

·       Limit technology use: In today’s world, an Internet connection is essentially required for work, finances, and even socializing. Constantly staring at a screen, however, is not good for our eyes, or our minds. If you are struggling to pull yourself away from your device, get into a habit of putting your phone or laptop hidden and away until you absolutely need it. This can help you sleep better and stay more connected to the natural world around you.

·       Breathe & meditate: Don’t underestimate the power of meditation. Taking the time during the day to simply breathe slowly and meditate can do wonders to reset your mind and make you feel more at peace.

·       Create and maintain a skincare routine: Skincare plays a huge role in your health and wellness. Replenished, beautiful skin helps you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. Springwater Spa offers professional skincare treatments and our staff can help you determine the best in-home skincare routine.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

It can be all too easy to look over at someone and think “they are much more successful in their career than I am” or “they are a better spouse to their partner” or whatever else you find lacking in our own life. Instead, you should focus on yourself and let the background noise fade away. Focus on where you currently are, where you want to be, and how to get there. Congratulate your friends on their accomplishments, but do not use their success as a measure of your own.

Visit Springwater Spa to Restore Balance

The specialists at Springwater Spa in Fairfax, VA know how challenging it can be to find balance in everyday life. This is why we offer natural, healthy skincare treatments that help improve your self-care and increase your life balance. We offer customized hydradermie treatments, chemical peels, eye-recovery treatment, reiki, and much more to help you feel refreshed and replenished.

Make 2018 the year of balance. Contact us to schedule your appointment.